Industrial Machinery Importing

Importing of Industrial Machinery  and After Sales Services are our profession since 40 years ago. 

Industrial Machinery Importing
Industrial Machinery Importing

Niru Machine PJSC was registered under number 86677 on 1991 in Tehran.
The initial goals of Niru Machine Co. were importing, after-sales service and providing consulting services in the production of industrial parts. Before founding the Niru Machine Co., Mr. Nasser Ashdjari, the manager of company had more than 10 years of experiences in technical services of machine tools.
Therefore, it can be claimed that the company manager has 40 years of experiences in industrial machinery and 30 years of experiences of Importing.
The above mentioned experiences have included new and used machine tools, steel structure fabrication machines, after-sales service and technical consulting services.

Our records

Mr. Nasser Ashdjari the manager of Niru Machine Co., previously was the Chairman of Pooladcheng Company, he was a pioneer in liberalizing the importing of used machine tools in 1989.
Following the legal barrier removal, several machine tools  from Germany, Bulgaria and Armenia were imported by Niru Machine Co. and offered to the Iranian industrial community.

In 2003, Niru Machine Co. was a leading company in presenting the steel structure fabrication machinery in Iran by  targeting machines and production lines of steel structures fabrication and receiving representation from Japanese companies Daito, Hatali and Takeda.


۴۰ years of experience in the field of technical services of industrial machinery.
۳۰ years of experience in importing and after-sales service of machine tools.
۱۸ years of experience in designing of production lines, importing and after-sales services of machines and production lines of steel structure fabrication.


We were exclusive agent or we had cooperation with the following companies:
Daito Company from Japan
Hatali Company from Japan
Takeda Company from Japan
Kotec Company from Korea
Verent-Behringer-Rösler companies from France and Germany
Murgesi Company from Italy
FinCM Company from China
Wuxi Hualian Company from China
QY Laser Company from China


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